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They don't give automatic refills on Oxy anymore, and a real addict wouldn't waste them. He clearly never went to AA or he'd have realized trying to juggle pain medication with nicotine withdrawal has never worked once in all of human history. And sorry but if believing in God makes you happier, and you're currently miserable, then you're an idiot to not believe in God. It will be interesting to see him in rehab in future episodes (ONLY on IFC) and if he actually exits his navel long enough to help another alcoholic, to become selfless long enough to be a worker among workers, to genuinely open up to a sponsor, do the 12 steps sans smarminess, i. .

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Thinking about the Books makes me think Something's going to happen with the Dragons and that the Others need something that fly's or some anti air just something that makes bringing Dragons Risky because it would make it a tad one sided if Dragons get involved and they can do nothing about it. I like Tormund too. He reminds me of Lobo with Artemis in most my fanfics but from a narrative standpoint in a world where characters are sometimes just killed in undignified matters, he should've been killed. Really Jon, Hound, Jorah and maybe Gendry were justified in surviving but Beric and Tormund it just seemed fan service. I think they though they could get away with killing a dragon being enough.


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Lol! At least one of you two reads the comments:P Scuba zombies make the most sense of anything about that ridiculous episode, really. I so wish Jon had just died in that episode for real though. Someone should fade to black there and release a revised episode. But if they could do, or liked doing that style of writing, why isn't it used in GoT since leaving George's guidance.


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Sending Sam to train as a maester and learn about the WW is actually a good long-term decision. I was a bit annoyed the show changed things and made it seem like Sam’s decision. Jon is not confident at the moment and he needs Sansa and Davos as support, both of them have the drive he’s missing right now. House Mormont are Stark loyalists and will also help get other minor houses on board. Jon may be a bastard but he’s a man and he’s a Stark and the Bolton’s hold the known surviving Stark heir.