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million children in need of medical help and 370,000 at risk of severe acute malnutrition. Yemen's Health Ministry announced a cholera outbreak in early October in the capital Sanaa. By the end of the month, WHO said the number of suspected cholera cases had ballooned to more than 1,400. In 42 percent of 276 districts surveyed by WHO there were only two doctors or less, while in nearly a fifth of districts there were none. WHO said new mothers and their babies lacked essential ante-natal care and immunisation services, while people suffering from acute or chronic conditions were forced to spend more on treatment or forgo treatment altogether. (Reporting by Magdalena Mis; Editing by Ros Russell; Please credit Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters, that covers humanitarian news, women's rights, corruption and climate change. Visit news. rust. rg). They had to make more room in San Francisco for voting booths. The elections director said they expected this turn out. They're not hearing that voters are concerned about voter fraud - there have been no complaints. The elections director said hacking and fraud is nearly impossible because of their set up. A new ABC poll out Monday morning shows Hillary Clinton has a four-point lead over Donald Trump. Voters also said in this poll that they are ready to accept the election's outcome.

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In a movie, narrative is not represented (although diegetically it may be, as in the case of the previous Candyman story); it is presented. Excluding the Candyman voice-over and the opening credits of the film, the movie opens in a close-up of Helen’s face. She is listening to an unseen woman’s voice as the first few words of the previously transcribed narrative are spoken. We are presented with a cut into the diegetically presented narrative. With a sudden and visually jarring technique that violates the Hollywood code of continuity editing, we are in a different narrative space, and we can negotiate this space only with the voice-over narrative we hear. What begins as representation, the telling of “the scariest story I’ve ever heard,” becomes a presentation of the narrative itself, stylistically returning to the continuity of editing previously violated. Here, Rose is negotiating between two forms of legend telling: that of oral storytelling and that of ostension. As we conclude the voice-over narrative, we have a slow dissolve to a close-up of the young woman telling the story. A cut occurs to a running tape recorder; then a third shot follows, showing Helen listening to the storyteller conclude her story. In cinematic terms, we have a violation of the codes of continuity editing; we are not given an establishing shot until the very last line of the woman’s narrative. This jarring and self-conscious violation of the codes of classical Hollywood cinema can be seen as further underscoring Rose’s understanding of how ostension operates. However, as Degh (1995) further argued, “The complete system of theatrical signs maintains this specific duplicity in professional theater (film, television) and continually reminds the audience that what takes place on the stage is not the showing of reality, not presentation, but representation, the imitation of a real or imagined reality” (239). Returning to our current argument, Degh’s position would invalidate what I am trying to assert: for Degh, cinema, as a theatrical sign, is representation, not presentation, and therefore cannot be considered ostensive. If movie audiences confused the presented images with reality and believed all that they saw to be true, they themselves would be operating under a system of quasi-ostension. But as Bordwell and Thompson (1986) noted, for some film theorists, “cinema’s power lies in its ability to present a recognizable reality” (147, emphasis added).

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The Bkool simulator has Velodrome racing with 4 options including Individual Pursuit and Team Pursuit. Trump's trap: leave vs remain Cache Translate Page. Cache Translate Page These photos from Pilgrim State Hospital in the late 1930s blended clear-eyed reporting with an almo Heroes for Hire No. 4. - Gray, Justin, Palmiotti, - Jelenlegi ara: 810 Ft Cache Translate Page Heroes for Hire No. 4. - Gray, Justin, Palmiotti, Jimmy, Francis Portela, Tucci, Billy Kiado: Marvel Publishing, Inc. Ezert korulbelul 20 perccel a rendeles leadasat kovetoen kapni fog egy e-mait tolunk, amely tartalmaz egy linket. Ha erre a linkre kattint, beallithatja a szallitas pontos modjat, helyszinet, illetve a fizetesi modot. Ha nem talalja a levelet, kerjuk, nezze meg a SPAM mappajaban is. Ha sehol nem talalja, kerjuk lepjen kapcsolatba az eladoval. Vasarlas utan kerjuk, hogy barmilyen problema eseten az e-mailben kuldott cimen vagy telefonon lepjen velunk kapcsolatba. Atveteli modok: Ingyenes, szemelyes atveteli lehetoseg: Budapest V. Washington State Shuts Down NRA Carry Guard Insurance Program Cache Translate Page By Dan Zimmerman via TTAG Washington State is pushing hard to claim the title of the most anti-gun state in the nation. California, New York and Massachusetts provide some stiff competition for the crown, but the Evergreen State is coming up fast on the outside.

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Yes, I've read the books, and as excellent as the TV show is - and it is - it simply cannot compare to the books. Now personally I don't hold Mr Grrrrr Martin in any particular regard as a writer in a technical sense; but as a story-teller and world-builder he is absolutely masterful. Of course the visual medium can never cover the depth of a book, or series of books, but one cannot overstate the richness of the entire world and it's panoply of players in the books. But being resigned to the fact that the conclusion of ASOIAF will never be written (let's not kid ourselves guys) we must hope that the TV series provides a satisfactory conclusion instead. It's unkind to have completely forgotten that we have been waiting. Multiple contradicting leaks. MinecraftJackZ 4. I went on a date with someone who works for the show, he gave me some spoilers. So beware, for the comments are dark are full of spoilers. There will be a battle in episode two between the North and the White Walkers. Episode 5 will be the battle between Kings Landing and the North, not sure who wins that. One of which I know is that Jorah will sacrifice himself to save Khaleesi. Other things he told me pointed towards Khaleesi also getting killed, which is a shame because I've wanted her to win the throne since the very start. Oh also, he brought a piece of dragon glass with him on the date. Although with the dragon glass, they are going to put it on the walls at Winterfell to help stop the wites from climbing over, but it doesn't work.

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Of course, at least some months have apparently passed since her forces departed for Westeros. It's possible he's concerned given that Jon's refusal to lie nearly cost them the truce he wanted to broker. Although implied by previous revelations, it is finally confirmed here, both through Bran's narration and the fact that Lyanna clearly looks happy at her very private wedding ceremony. The Starks would have been uncomfortable about the bruised honor of Lyanna seemingly stealing another woman's husband, but no actual harm or dishonor had come to their kinswoman. Rhaegar should have known that Robert and the Starks would not tolerate such offense but demand justice from his father; he also knew well how his lunatic father would probably react - thus Rhaegar was guilty not only for the deaths of Rickard and Brandon, but also for the following events. On the other hand, Aerys allegedly took such drastic action based on a verbal threat Brandon had made against Rhaegar upon arriving at the Red Keep, a threat that Brandon would probably have been afraid to make if the truth were known; still, it does not exonerate Rhaegar of his responsibility for the loss of so many innocent lives as a result of his deed. The fact that Lyanna was not kidnapped but willingly eloped with Rhaegar makes her responsible, too. Though Helen willingly ran off with Paris to Troy (Paris not caring about the consequences to Greece and Troy and Helen having been ensorcelled by Aphrodite), Menelaus accused Paris of kidnapping Helen and rallied his forces to march on Troy, led by his older brother Agamemnon, while King Priam of Troy accepted Paris's decision and was ready to fight the Greek forces instead of returning Helen despite the number of lives it would cost both Greece and Troy. The Trojan War ultimately ended with the Sack of Troy, similar to the Sack of King's Landing, with the Greeks entering the city through deception (the Trojan Horse ) as Tywin Lannister fooled the Mad King into opening the doors of King's Landing. Priam, like the Mad King, was killed, and so was his entire family so as to avoid vengeance in the future, and like Robert, Menelaus's efforts ultimately brought him into an unhappy marriage; unlike Lyanna, Helen survived and was reunited with Menelaus, but their marriage was severely strained by the war. The remaining Trojans fled into exile afterward like the Targaryens. On closer inspection, Rhaegar's costume might even be a reuse of Viserys's costume: it even includes the mistaken Targaryen sigil that Viserys had on his tunic, featuring a dragon with four legs and two wings (six limbs), instead of the accurate sigil which has two legs and two wings (four limbs). This may have been a cost-cutting measure, since the costume barely visible on screen and is only revealed in behind the scenes and publicity photos. That is, he is not immediately presented with relevant information from the appropriate visions, but must sift through visions to find what he is looking for. Once he knew to look for a vision of Lyanna's wedding, he could find it easily, but without some hint to search, he had no idea it happened.

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Ghotit's spelling and grammar checker starts by performing a spell check and an in-depth analysis of the written text, suspecting every word as a misspelled or misused word (misused words are words that are spelled correctly but are used in the wrong context). Following this preliminary analysis, Ghotit analyzes English gram. Positioned on the floor, it can be played while users are in a side sitting, kneeling or half kneeling position. Players can also play with it while sitting on a therapy ball or T stool. When the game is positioned on a table top, it becomes an activity aimed at improving players upper extremity range of motion and shoulder stability. This drum is used to produce resonation for auditory processing. The large drum produces deep vibration and eight separate tones. Handcrafted of hardwoods, the drum has a rubber foot on each side so that it can be played table-style. Flipping the drum on its side enables an individual to lie on its surface to feel the vibrations as another person play. This calculator has large rubber keys and an 8-digit LCD display with large numbers and an adjustable tilt screen. POWER: Uses solar panel or button cell battery (included). DIMENSIONS: 11 x 8. 5 x 0. 75 inches. COLOR: Black or silver.

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When she learns that her boyfriend is cheating on her, initially she is heartbroken and shattered. Considering rumors that she is doing civil engineering in Mysore, her year of birth might 1988. Nidhi did an advertisement for the fairness cream brand Fair and Lovely after which she was recognized for her beauty. She was immediately roped in for a Kannada movie, Abhimani, which did not fare all that well in the box office. But that did not desist producers from casting her in other movies which seem to promise a lot. Prominent among her new films are Chamkaisi Chindi Udaisi, with Komal and Krishna Nee Lateaagi Baaro with Ramesh Arvind and Mohan. Chamkaisi Chindi Udaisi, already has a positive response from the audience thanks to Komal's superlative comic performance. Nidhi, though being a new comer, did not look so in this film and she gels very well with the comedy team. She seems to have understood her role in the movie well and has delivered accordingly. Her next movie in Kannada is Krishna Nee Late Aagi Baaro. There is no doubt that this one will be a huge hit considering the leading combination in this movie is that of the proven duo of Ramesh Arvind and Mohan. Ramesh Arvind would never cast his actresses without seeing talent and Nidhi has shown it in abundance in whatever little she has done already. She is a native of Bihar and she attended Mount Carmel, Bhagalpur and pursued her fashion designing course from National Institute of Fashion technology (NIFT), New Delhi. Sharma's first role was in the Telugu film Chirutha, released in 2007. Her first Hindi film was Crook, was released in 2010 and directed by Mohit Suri.

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Some of the titles make considerable effort to adapt Stoker’s original narrative, while others diffuse beyond this traditional strain of ? ms, often merely adopting the markers or tropes that became associated with Dracula during the initial theatrical and cinematic portrayals. However, in nearly all the titles we catalog, Dracula, or some semblance of him (i. . a Dracula-type vampire), makes a literal appearance. Stefan Dziemianowicz aptly remarks, “The success of Dracula can be measured by how faithfully the vampires of most stories written in its wake are modeled on Stoker’s Transylvanian Count. 4 To provide a starting point for understanding the classi? atory and organizational schemata we employ in qualifying speci? titles for inclusion, it is necessary to outline the particular conventions lying at the center of “Dracula” narratives. Perhaps it was Bela Lugosi who said it best in 1935, when he wrote for Film Weekly that “there is a popular idea that portraying a monster of the Dracula type requires no acting ability. People are apt to think that anyone who likes to put on a grotesque make-up can be a ? nd. That is wrong. 5 Dracula and Dracula-type vampires typically invoke a host of recognizable tropes that the London and Broadway theatrical adaptations of Stoker’s novel helped to engender in the 1920s. In time, Bela Lugosi’s and Christopher Lee’s respective ?

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The regulations close portions of certain highways from May 29 to the second Sunday in September, except for busses, wreckers and trucks carrying live stock, fresh fish, fluid milk and cream, fresh vegetables or fruit, ice cream, fresh bakery goods, ice or newspapers, and apply to vehicles with a gross weight of 6,000 pounds or over. The ban will be in force from 1 p. . to 11 p. . on Saturdays, and 9 a. . to midnight on Sundays and legal holidays. RIPLEY, Tenn. May 25. Great Sutton Shows started the season here on April 13 to fair matinee business, but night stand was hampered by;:old, reported Lucille Norwood. Guests of Owners Mr. and Mrs. Sutton at the get -away included Frank H. Shows Betty John's People Who Make the News; Athletic Show, Mr.

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Prep for the conversion includes 3D scanning of the car to fit the new drivetrain precisely into the sometimes quirky space provided by a vintage car. The drivetrain is modeled, fabricated, and 3D printed as necessary and then installed in the car. The proprietary control system adds sensors, wireless technology, and Big Data capabilities that allow for updates and performance monitoring. Devbot may not look like much -- it certainly doesn't look like the sexy green Robocar designed for the series by Daniel Simon -- but this test sled has everything but the skin of that car. Teams for the series will come from motorsports, research laboratories, and universities. One of the challenges for GPS-based autonomous cars is mapping in real time and in enough detail that the vehicle can react appropriately in its environment. The 3D point cloud created by Selenium is almost spooky in its detail, and it can color the image with information from the cameras. It's also able to remove or ignore non-permanent features from a map, like parked cars that might not be on the street next time the autonomous car drives by. These gather data about the vehicle's environment; the software then creates 3D point clouds to map everything around the vehicle. The GATEway Project in London will use Selenium to control 8 autonomous, all-electric shuttles at Heathrow Airport. Oxbotica is also providing the cloud-based management software for the project, which will allow registered passengers to book a ride on the pod-shaped shuttles as well as allow the pods to find the best routes and communicate with other pods. They'll be joined by a small fleet of regular passenger vehicles from Ford, Tata Motors, and Jaguar Land Rover made increasingly autonomous with the addition of Selenium on the roads of Milton Keynes and Coventry. Those vehicles will be driving at normal speeds along the M1 with everyone else. The pods, however, are designed to drive fully autonomously. The goal is to allow them, over the course of the three-year project, to drive without human help.

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r a D400 or D210 (obviously D200 will be skipped) in FX). 5. It creates no confusion for the ones that read the name on cameras. Already we have sensors that challenge the best lenses. I am sure that Nikon is waiting to see if there is enough headroom between the D7100 and the D600. In the tele end DX is useful, but at the wide end, DX is not so good. But one thing is for sure, Nikon will not introduce a DX camera that just eats into D600 sales. A new model needs to fill a gap in the product lineup, not rob other models. As for the naming policy, Nikon is pretty inconsistent in that regard. It originally went with D40, D60, D90 for lower-end bodies, D100, D200, D300 for pro DX, D2, D3 for pro FX etc. Logically, the D800 should have been the D8000 or something similar, while the D600 should have been the D6000. This is all confusing as heck, I really wish Nikon started cleaner with the 4 digit naming policy. Or, if Nikon wants to keep the three digit naming convention for professional DX and FX, they should continue the next iteration like D610, D710, D810, etc. Not sure we will see that, but at this point, noone can tell what Nikon marketing will do Some people say that the D300s update will be called D400, while others say D9000. I think the best way would be to call it Nikon D310 That way, entry-level and mid-range products have 4 digits, pro DX and FX is 3 digits and top of the line is 1 digit.

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Her quest to fix that will cost far fewer lives than unpopular Polly ever put at risk with her enterovirus to leverage attention in “Kingsman: The Golden Circle. . Laura, on the other hand, has 848 Friends, three roommates, a med student boyfriend, and a classmate with an unrequited crush who will undertake all the internet research to uncover the supernatural backstory Laura needs as much as the audience. All of Laura’s numbers will drop to zero before the end credits roll. Now Ma Rina has one Friend. Her first. “I was just trying to be nice,” Laura later tells her real life friends, who wonder if her kindness is more clinical at heart. Marina scrutinizes Laura’s Facebook page and sees her birthday is coming up. She expects to go. Laura lies that it’s just going to be her and her boyfriend. Marina sees party selfies posted by Laura’s real friends. A ghastly black-and-white video posted online shows her hanging herself while on fire. One after another, Laura’s real life friends end up dead by their own hands with an assist from demonic wasps. “Is there some shitty new drug we don’t know about? asks a local policeman.

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He has numerous writing credits encompassing most of the second edition World of Darkness games, and helped design the Werewolf collectible card game, Rage. After years with White Wolf Publishing, he joined Holistic Design (HDI) where he co-created Fading Suns with Andrew Greenberg. He also co-authored Don't Give Up The Ship! (1971) with Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax. Carr began wargaming with the International Federation of Wargamers as a teenager. Since it was included with the Dungeons and Dragons introductory box set the module enjoyed a sizeable print run. As the role playing game evolved into a more complete and complex version known as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Carr served as editor for three hardbound volumes, the Monster Manual, Dungeon Masters Guide and Players Handbook and wrote the Foreword to each book's early editions. Games Workshop has published the tabletop wargames Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange with the symbol GAW. . In order to promote their business, postal games, create a games club, and provide an alternative source for games news, the newsletter, Owl and Weasel, was founded in February 1975. In addition to working with Wizards of the Coast on Eberron material, he has also contributed material for Atlas Games, Goodman Games, Paizo Publishing and Green Ronin Games He lives in Portland, Oregon. He has a tattoo of the Greater Mark of Making on his right arm. Prior to working in the role-playing game industry, he worked in the video game industry. Baker has won an Origins Award twice, first in 2004 for Best Roleplaying Game Supplement as part of the team for the Eberron campaign setting, then alone in 2005 for Traditional Card Game of the Year for Gloom, published by Atlas Games.

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Screened at Miskolc Cinefest, in the Experimental Shortfilm section. Sounds: Zoltan Latinovits, Balazs Galko, Tamas Jordan, Gergo Kaszas, Ildiko Monyok, Peter Vallai. You might think there are very famous buildings-parlaments, bridges, statues, but when they are dying it's just the same as a bungalow looses it's briks and beams and start to collapse. They have been payed 1000 Dollars to sit for 10 minutes but it won't be that easy. Written, directed and edited by Albert Ventura (Spain). Now looking for sponsors for the long feature version. Hogyan latja a kislany ezt a vilagot, szulei szokasait es viszonyat? The story of a poor family through the eyes of a ten years old child. How does the girl see this world, her parents habits and their relationship. In LABORAT, filmmaker Guillaume Cailleau interweaves the levels. He documents examinations performed on the object with great. Johnny, be good! - 35 mm school film - executive producer, director of photography. His life is controlled by Facebook and utterly engrossed in Facebook instead of the world around him. The boundaries between his real life and his virtual reality are disused.