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Tywin's intro of butchering a stag is actually from Randyll Tarly, Sam's father. And his use of Arya as a cupbearer is taken from Roose Bolton. Jaime takes over for Balon Swann, a Kingsguard knight sent by Cersei to return Myrcella to the Capital. Aspects and plot elements of the Adapted Out Greyjoy, Victarion, have been distributed between Euron (such as his violent boarding raids - Euron is never really depicted on-page as a great warrior), and his nephew and niece (such as Yara's quest to meet up with Dany in Slaver's Bay). He takes Catelyn's role as the Stark who is ressurected and joins forces with the Brotherhood Without Banners. Martyn Lannister takes the place of his cousin Tion Frey, who is a Lannister on his mother's side. Some of Lord Leo Lefford's lines come from Ser Harys Swyft, another Lannister bannerman. Melara Hetherspoon, of Cersei's two friends, Melara Hetherspoon and Jeyne Farman. She's Melara in that she goes with Cersei to see Maggy the Frog and does not run away scared, and Jeyne in that she is apprehensive about doing so and from what we can see, does not suffer the death that Maggy foretold. Sandor Clegane: He, rather than Vargo Hoat (or his show counterpart Locke), gets his ear bitten off by Brienne. Though this is after he escaped losing an ear in the fight with Polliver's men as in the books, so it evens out. Like Victarion Greyjoy, Sandor is a big brute of a man being told by a follower of the Lord of Light (Beric instead of Moqorro) that he has some great destiny ahead of him.


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The only good thing about the KL scenes was Kevan Lannister standing up against Cersei. Jon and Sansa seem to have a very interesting storyline (up to now). We take off where we left at episode 4: Tyrion’s kidnapping. Tyrion is thrown in a boat and Jorah accompagnies him. It’s safe to assume that he’s going to Queen Daenerys and not to Queen Cersei. Sailing in a small boat to King’s Landing would be absurd. Jaime’s also saillng, but in another direction, Dorne. I actually looked forward to this new place and it has disappointed me a lot. The storyline is a bit dull and not deeply thought about. The only likeable thing about Dorne this episode was Jaime and Bronn vs. The High Sparrow grows in power and you can read from his face that he’s up to something with Cersei. He first arrests Loras Tyrell, making clear that the Tyrells are not untouchable.


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Having read Phil's Wikipedia extract I am just as in the dark as would be a chocolate coated peanut. You can get 'em in my local corner shop, and very nice they are too. This one is VEGETABLE, with ABSTRACT connections. Or does it merely murmur at the question of carpenter v cabinet maker and then 15 hours later summon up the energy to demur at the notion that something 'could be put on top' of this thing. Hey, I know you're a cool dude an' all that, but please - can we have a bit of encouragement, or even a clue? -). Raak, you might run your eye over it in case I've misinterpreted anything. Ta. It is indeed a wooden posable model thingy for artists to use to get human forms right. Corvettes do have that option, they are luxury and high performance, at which they are only beaten out by the Dodge Viper (flames to come from that, I'm sure). The issue comes in that I forgot the British point 3 questions ago. So, it isn't as dumb a question as it might seem.


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Torturing ourselves for all these silly things just so we can fit in. You’re allowed to be, and you shouldn’t have to answer to people who don’t know how to mind their own business. Please don’t ever compromise yourself for that relationship status. It’s not worth it. To be frank, I did and I learnt it the hard way. We’re not perfect, loves, but it doesn’t mean we should do things to harm ourselves because in the end, the only people we’re hurting are ourselves. She enjoys writing about anything and everything that intrigues her. Not being able to catch up on the latest K-dramas because I’m not interested. Not being able to apply mascara without twitching every 2 seconds with a brush that I think will stab me to death. Playing MMORPGs in the early hours of the morn while others are busy sleeping (is that the sun already? . Many of you will be thinking, “Sure everyone’s different in their own way, you’re just not meeting people of your own crowd.


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Mick McGuire's Marcato Capital Management holds aroughly 7 percent stake in the company. Nelson Peltz's TrianPartners also held a 3 percent stake at the end of the secondquarter. He was signed by the Packers as an undrafted rookie in 2011. He has also been with the Vikings, Buccaneers, Raiders, Chargers and Ravens while spending time on five different practice squads, but he has yet to play in a regular season game in the NFL. However, profit is tightly constrained by running costs such as staff salaries, IT systems, and branches. Staff at major High Street banks tell me they are under huge pressure to cross-sell other, more profitable products to current account customers. This is what keeps bank profits in the billions of pounds and shareholders satisfied. Assembly Republican Leader Brian Kolb (R-Canandaigua) said the GOP planned to call out Democrats for not speaking out against Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. The speaker has admitted mishandling the first complaints about Lopez, a former member of the chamber. Karlsson got just enough of the puck to direct it toward the net and under goalie Ryan Miller’s legs. There is just so much interest out there still in Olympic gold medallists. I have, for example, recently produced an iPad app with a friend that will enable people to keep an accurate record of what they bag when out on a game shoot.


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Hey, just rewatching seasons 1 through 7 and want to clarify something - did Jaime ultimately order the massacre at the Red Wedding. He said to Roose Bolton that the “Lannisters send their regards” and when it becomes apparent things aren’t good at the wedding, The Rain of Castameres is played. Bro, you have a good channel here just stop calling them leaks. Don’t get me wrong, it’s entertaining but your channel will fall miserably when season 8 starts. You will lose a lot of subs. Jus sayin. Keep up the work and thankyou for entertaining just stop with the leak titles. Lmao This is the dumbest leak I’ve heard yet Luka Bosanac. Nothing is confirmed until I see it with my own damn eyes. This is horsehit jaimie already rode north in season 7 he has no reason to go to back south Paulo Felicio. Paulo Felicio ? ?


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That’s not surprising, since he’s been a professional musician for more than half of his life. As a teenager, Saadiq, now 51, was a bass player for Sheila E. The compulsively prolific musician has spent the last 15 years releasing critically acclaimed solo albums, helping Netflix receive its first Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for best original song, and defining the musical identity of HBO’s hit series Insecure. Saadiq spoke with Digital Trends about the status of his first album since 2011, how it’s the musician — not the gear — that’s important in the studio, and how he would have made a different score for Black Panther. You’re working on your first album release in seven years, but your song Rikers Island appears in the Pyer Moss show for New York Fashion Week. What can you tell me about that song and how it relates to the overall sound of the album. Well, the sound of my record is a few different sounds. It’s cool because I got a chance to see people sort of respond to it. So I’m just using it as a play on words, like there’s too many people paying attention to the wrong things. One of the things I love about you the most is you’ve internalized so much music. If you could go back, what are some of the most inventive music-making techniques you saw coming up that you use today. I think some of the things I grew up watching were the simple things.

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Strolling about on her breaking bad clothing, Daenerys is faced with an incoming Dothraki khalasar of great numbers, and after dropping a ring to the ground to leave a trail, she is game. In season thrones, the Dothraki take her to Vaes Dothrak, where she identifies herself to Khal Ghrones as Drogo's former wife. Daenerys refuses and instead burns the temple down with herself and all game khals still inside. She emerges unscathed, and the awed Dothraki accept her as their new leader. She returns game Meereen with her new army and destroys the slaver fleet assaulting the city with her dragons. In the aftermath, Daenerys meets with Theon and Yara Greyjoy, who offer their support for her claim so that they can overthrow their uncle Euron. In vame seventh season, Daenerys finally uses her dragons in battle, annihilating a Lannister force and their baggage train with fire. Daenerys welcomes Jon Snow to Dragonstone, seeing him as a friend and ally, insisting that the boy sopranos bend the knee to cast but exhibiting patience with his refusal. When Jon's expedition north of the Wall gets game trouble Daenerys takes her dragons to rescue them, and is thrones when the Night King kills thrones dragon Viserion. Jorah is actually spying on the Targaryens for Lord Varys in thrones for a pardon on his crimes. After she ov widowed, he remains with her and becomes the first knight of her Queensguard. Sailing through the ruins of Valyria, the couple are assaulted by stone men long decayed by greyscale, and Jorah is seemingly infected by the disease as one of the the sopranos soundtrack torrent men touches his hand.

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And since its a 70s devil movie it's packed with an ensemble cast of aging stars and future cult icons: Joanne Nail (who rocked it so very, very hard in Switchblade Sisters ) is Barbara, the mom with the cosmic womb; Lance Henriksen is her boyfriend, pressured by his Satanic board of directors (headed by Mel Ferrer) to get her pregnant again because it was still the 70s so the antichrist couldn't be a woman. Glen Ford is a suspicious detective killed by Katy's peregrine falcon familiar; Shelly Winters is the astrology-guided housekeeper; Sam Peckinpah (! Nail's abortionist ex-husband. When Barbara resists Henriksen's pro-marital overtures, the Illuminati arrange an alien abduction to artificially inseminate her. If that wasn't 70s enough, there's video pong on a projector TV, car crashes, malls skating rinks, ferns, gymnastics, and kids using curse words (Kaity tells Ford to go fuck himself, but haltingly, like a real kid would in the 70s when foul language still had some mystical power). If you've read my 'other' blog, Divinorum Psychonauticu s, you know I support that decision. Franco Nero with his electric yellow hippie wig makes a great Jesus, and Franco Micalizzi ' s funk-galactic score effectively conjures memories of 2001 and Close Encounters of the Third Kind as re-imagined by Meco! (How the fuck was that ever a hit? Trump Factor: A scheming CEO being pressured into a virulently pro-life position by Satanic illuminati benefactors, Raymond lacks only Trump's questo cazzo to up his polls. Hillary could be the ex-husband abortionist and America is poor Barbara. And maybe that's the message we come away with: No matter how persistent and bluntly the devil woos us, even if he arranges 'accidents' to make us dependent on him, we needn't vote for him. God aka Lord Enki (alias Jerzy aka The Visitor ) is pro-choice, but picking his side means having your selfish malice ripped from your soul by cleansing bird swarms aka paying higher income tax.

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Or is he, like some uprooted neolithic intelligence cast away on a reservation, shuffling the debris of old traditions in a vain attempt to revivify a primitive faith whose moral beauty is still apparent but from which both relevance and credibility have long since departed? 368 Chapter I 4 j Person, Time, and Conduct in Bali The Social Nature of Thought Human thought is consummately social: social in its origins, social in its functions, social in its forms, social in its applications. At base, thinking is a public activity-its natural habitat is the houseyard, the marketplace, and the town square. The implications of this fact for the anthropological analysis of culture, my concern here, are enormous, subtle, and insufficiently appreciated. I want to draw out some of these implications by means of what might seem at first glance an excessively special, even a somewhat esoteric inquiry: an examination of the cultural apparatus in terms of which the people of Bali define, perceive, and react to-that is, think about-individual persons. Such an investigation is, however, special and esoteric only in the descriptive sense. The facts, as facts, are of little immediate interest beyond the confines of ethnography, and I shall summarize them as briefly as I can. But when seen against the background of a general theoretical aim-to determine what follows for the analysis of culture from the proposition that human thinking is essentially a social activity-the Balinese data take on a peculiar importance. Not only are Balinese ideas in this area unusually well developed, but they are, from a Western perspective, odd enough to bring to light some 369 Person, Time, and Conduct in Bal i general relationships between different orders of cultural conceptuali zation that are h idden from us when we look only at our own all-too-familiar framework for the identification, classification, and han dling of human and quasi -human individuals. In particular, they point up some unobvious connections between the way in which a people per ceive themselves and others, the way in which they experience time, and the affective tone of their collective life-connections that h ave an im port not j ust for the understanding of Balinese society but human so ciety generally. The Study of Culture A great deal of recent social scientific theorizing has turned upon an attempt to distinguish and specify two major analytical concepts: culture and social structure. Firth, Elements of Social Organization (New York, ); and M.

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Coco touched my heart and led me to seek out stories about my long-dead relatives I’d never heard before. In far too many years, the Academy either gets it totally wrong or the industry, in general, just has a down year. So, sometimes there are really only a couple of good nominees and a bunch of whatevers you’ll have long since forgotten a year later. This year, however, I would have been perfectly fine if anything other than The Post or Darkest Hour won Best Picture and I won’t soon forget Dunkirk, Get Out, Lady Bird, Phantom Thread, or Shape of Water. However, Three Billboards was always too divisive to win on a preferential ballot. The Shape of Water, by using metaphor to deliver its message about love and the immigrant experience, is too disarming to hate, unless you simply can’t get past or don’t appreciate the symbolism of the plot’s fishman-on-woman action. As Erin Brockovich producer and Academy voter Michael Shamberg told NY Times, ““It’s well designed, well shot, well costumed, well acted, well made, and it moves you. What this guy del Toro has done is say something very emotional about human connection and love using the vocabulary of genre. However, Shape of Water is actually more zeitgeisty and relevant than any other nominees. Secondly, it touches on racial and gender discrimination, an immigrant’s hardships, workplace sexual assault, Russian interference with U. . secrets, and the U.