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If he’s travelling south, it’ll be for tactical reasons, and it’ll be something too critical for him to resolve via raven or to delegate to someone else. I would expect that after her captivity with the Lannisters and the Boltons, Jon would feel confident that she can manage Littlefinger as Lady of Winterfell, especially now that the Northern houses are pledged to the Starks again and she has information that can easily turn the Vale against him. Also, we don’t have a timeline yet for when Brienne leaves Winterfell, assuming that’s where the scene between her, Jon, Davos, and the northern lords took place. IMO, the dead man was reanimated outside the Wall and then put into a kind of a sleeping mode to be awakened at Castle Black. IMO, that’s how it works: when the WW or the wights kill someone they kind of infect the body with some magic, as Uncle Benjen implied in Ep606; then a person can be reanimated as a wight. But the Night’s King does not have the power to reanimate the dead on the other side of the Wall: if he had, the living would have lost long ago. I really hope there is not a romance or marriage between them. What is their plan for a succession if they are married to each other and end up childless. At least one of them should be able to produce a Targaryen heir. Monarchies without succession plans are very unstable and vulnerable to being overthrown by would-be rulers who do have plenty of potential heirs. I don’t see “love at first sight” for Jon And Dany. Tyrion will have to talk her down and cool her temper to convince her Jon is honorable and trustworthy.


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The show’s acute ability to unsettle only reached its apex in season two, when Lee Russell ( Walton Goggins) found himself finally occupying the chair of high school principal, as he’d always hoped he would, only to realize that wanting to lead and actually leading are very different things. Meanwhile, Neal Gamby (McBride) alternated between serving as Russell’s right-hand man and trying to take him down — even becoming convinced for a time that Russell had been the man who shot him in the season one finale. (Russell, it turned out, was framed by the actual shooter. Russell didn’t really want power because he had noble ambitions or detailed thoughts about what he could do with it. Sure, he wanted to make a better school for his students on some level, but he mostly seemed into the idea of being in charge for self-aggrandizing reasons. He wanted to be in charge because he wanted to be in charge. Throughout Vice Principals ’ run, the most consistent ideal that either of the two characters held was that they should be in charge — not that they had any plan for what they might do once they were. The series’ final two episodes elevate this question to the level of violent pop opera. In the penultimate installment, “Venetian Nights,” Gamby — who’s now convinced that Russell shot him — blackmails Russell via his sister’s preteen diary (which reveals some of the nasty shit Russell got up to as a kid). Then he boots Russell from the school once and for all after a long, nasty, drawn-out fight, expertly shot and choreographed by McBride (who stepped in for season two director David Gordon Green to helm the episode). The two succeed in their mission, and Gamby is ultimately rewarded with a middle school principalship, not to mention a romantic reunion with the woman he’s been pining for throughout the entire series. But V ice Principals ’ central message is perhaps best expressed when Russell tries to calm a genuine wild tiger roaming the halls of the school during graduation.


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Killua rips out his heart, explaining afterwards that Johness is an amateur and he is a pro. The last test to get out of the tower has two paths: one is too long and the other will only allow three of the five to enter. Leorio and Tonpa start fighting to see who will stay, when Gon thinks outside the box. They choose the longer path, destroy the wall between the paths with axes provided so they could fight, and all five make it. The successful examinees are taken by blimp to an island hotel. In order to pay for the rooms, they dive to collect treasure from sunken ships. Kurapika explains to Leorio that everyone from his clan was killed by the Phantom Troupe for their eyes. The hotel owners leave the examinees stranded on the island. A map is found indicating another island nearby, and part of the group sets out immediately to find it, dying when a storm hits. Hanzo and Kurapika sense danger and are elected leaders of the people who stay. They learn of a storm that comes in daily waves, the second of which will submerge the island, so they have one day to escape. Leorio gets stuck on the bottom of the ocean in a diving suit and Gon helps him escape.


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Other dialects can be referred to as nonstandard, but keep in mind that for me that is not a derogatory term. Other dialects are not substandard, but they are not Standard English, and they are different, sometimes interestingly so. They will generally be irrelevant to what I say here. Some of my examples will come from the American variety of Standard English, partly because the majority of my career as a grammarian was spent in the USA and partly because the prevalence of false beliefs about grammar seems to be much deeper and more serious there—though things are almost as bad in the UK, and in other UK-influenced parts of the anglophone world such as Australia. The second thing I need to make clear is that when I talk about ignorance of grammar I am not talking about accidental errors by native speakers. I am not interested (at least here) in critiquing the speaking or writing of literature professors, literary critics, usage advisors, or anyone else. Native speakers mostly write grammatical sentences, and when a distinguished professor uses a construction, that is prima facie evidence that the construction is grammatical. Of course, a distinguished professor can (like anybody else) make unintentional slips in either writing or speech, so the evidence of usage must be regarded as defeasible, and analytical inferences based on it will be tentative; but that is the position that any scientific English Grammar and English Literature 27 hypothesis is in. The fact remains that, ceteris paribus, we have to take the facts of how native English speakers use their language as evidence bearing on what that language is like. Although I am not interested in fingering alleged errors of usage made by distinguished professors, it may sometimes appear otherwise when I apparently use ad hominem arguments. I sometimes draw evidence from a person’s own writing to show that what they say about usage should not be taken seriously. But this will typically be because I am paying the person the compliment of presupposing that their usage is correct.


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Now, relive the film that saved Disney before Pixar did - The Little Mermaid. Huge thanks to the folks at AVbyte for doing the music and vocals. Please go over and subscribe to their channel - they do awesome musicals all year round. Written by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Gilli Nissim, and Andy Signore. Let us know in the comments below what movie or TV show you want to see next. Due to a very small piece of music, our entire Back to the Future video was muted. We intentionally released this on an odd day and time to help avoid confusion. If you somehow accidentally clicked on this expecting a brand new video and not a re-upload, we apologize for your moderate inconvenience. Coco is at the very least one of the prettiest animations I've seen in quite a while. But it also somehow manages to pull a tear or two out of me each time I watch it. SOMETIMES three. Here's everything right with Coco.


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The Wall was originally built to defend against the White Walkers, ice creatures who were created by the Children of the Forest. It was also said to be imbued with magic that would prevent the walking dead from crossing over. Unfortunately, nobody ever considered how a wall made of ice would stand against a dragon’s flames. The season seven finale gave us many revelations and some truly satisfying reveals, but the destruction of the Wall by the undead dragon was definitely the most dramatic. Gamers by choice. oomba Stomp is a Canadian web publication that has been independently owned and operated since its inception in 2016. We provide smart readers with sharp, entertaining writing on a wide range of topics in pop culture, offering an escape from the usual hype and gossip. Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Linkedin Tumblr Email Goomba Stomp Games Film TV Anime Podcasts Sordid Cinema 27 Shares Share Tweet Reddit Share. Lyric Mezzosoprano 2 ? ? 6:02-6:07 You got so still, and with the still image in the corner, I thought my video froze for a second. Fatma K 5 ?


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Clean and Unmarked Text: A. . Knopf, Workbook. ISBN: 0394329082. Paperback. House Maids, Workers, Gardeners, Etc, Comprehensive Techniques, Methods. Reprint Date Listed, Historical Horticulture Formal Gardening. Text is in 3 languages, English, French and German. England, and Germany, and of the edifices, monuments, fabrics, etc. which. Chinesischer, Egyptischer, Englischer, Orientalischer, Arabischer, Mohrischer. Booklet No.

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We’ve got this idea all year round, that the big promotion matters, that the mortgage matters, that the dog’s diarrhea matters. . And if we waste our lives thinking that some insane idea is going to work, some idea that will probably lead to just another loss, then we’re setting ourselves up for never discovering hope. . Nathan was looking for a place where he could give hope to people. He wanted to give the one last ray of hope to these poor elderly people, because most of them don’t have any hope left. . In my own strange, unconventional way, Scully, I think I’ve learned something tangential to hope. . As his gun bounced against his thigh, Lenny contemplated a thousand deaths for the man with whom he’d worked for five years. Lenny had worked the last five Christmases, Thanksgivings, and New Years — the single man’s curse. He’d thought about getting a ring for one of the broads he’d been banging just so he could for once for god’s sake actually watch a bowl game.

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Vintage stock. Most rings seem to be between sizes 5 and 7, give or take a half size. (Rings are not meant for young kids as they may pose a choking hazard). With thousands of followers and countless 5-star reviews, PSP Diesel in South Houston, Texas, understands the power of social media to drive business growth. The series is hosted by ForbesBooks’ Gregg Stebbens and Small Business Community Contributor, Steve Strauss. More information and previous episodes can be accessed through a dedicated home page and on the Small Business Community podcast page. Narrator: Welcome to “The Heartbeat of Main Street” at ForbesBooks at forbesbooks. om and Bank of America at bankofamerica. om. Here's your host, Steve Strauss. Steve Strauss: Art Martinez is the owner of PSP Diesel. Art is often described as being the best in his craft, and is praised for his honesty, professionalism, attention to detail, and great work.

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In addition, to your own individual karma dynamics, you are simultaneously subject to endless layers of karmic principles that operate on every level of existence from the microscopic to the macroscopic. In addition to a person you are also a universe of electrons that are subject ot the karmic principle through quantum laws, the atoms in your body experience karma as do the molecules, the cells, the microbes and bacteria. You experience their collective karmas as an effect of their individual karmas. Every electron that reaches an excited level must return to a steady state, each cell that turns hostile needs to be neutralized, each bacteria that emits removes toxins is allowed to expand. There is an entire universe of birth and death, triumph and tragedy, sin and redemption, imbalance and balance happening within a single square millimetre of you index finger. When a tsunami wipes out an entire chunk of a population it is the law of balancing which is happening on a macroscopic level which trumps the karmic implications of the individual human being. Just like when you scratch your head, your desire to restore the balance of comfort to your scalp trumps the individual karma of a skin follicle on your scalp. Even and especially on the individual level, it is never personal. Your poverty is not the result of the neglect of some divine being in the sky, but an automatic prescription offered to you by your circumstances that address the symptoms of your psychological condition. Your psychological response to this prescription then lays the scaffolding to how the next circumstance will unfold. You and your Life are not two separate entities, rather you form a symbiotic partnership where one follows the other and responds. Everything is guided whether consciously or unconsciously by the Principle of Balance.