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Let’s see what happens with this one link I share of your first link. There are few upsides to being back in the US, but this is one of them. Just copy and paste straight from the address bar is what I do. And so Jorah reaching out of his cell for Sam is definitive, right. Im betting THIS is what sends Arya back to WF, being reminded of her pack. My favorite of the entire series, give or take Two Swords. I liked how they devoted a continuous set of time for each set of characters; didn’t feel rushed. Thought the Jon and Sansa scenese were great and believable. The scenes with the Hound, Thoros, and Beric were pretty damn interesting.

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1:14:10 June 2, 2016 MBMBaM 305: Bubble Jug Life We're bringing back the world's most unsavory gum with a little prodding from Twitter. There's other stuff too, but if we can accomplish the first one, it'll be a good podcast's work done. Suggested Talking Points: Bubble Juggalos, MUNCH SQUAD, Baby Pauly D, Ross and Frasier Slashfic, Cat Burglar Mom, Cool Balls! 1:08:33 May 30, 2016 69 - Robin Hanson on The Coming Age of Robots We live at a time when artificial intelligence is booming and major breakthroughs are happening, with a lot of people thinking about what is coming and how will it impact society. Robin Hanson is an economics professor at GMU with a background that ranges from philosophy, to physics and computer research. We discuss what are the things that might be different, what are those that will change less than we expect, and how social institutions will change once AI reaches such a level. Mentioned in the episode: Rebecca Black, Child's Play, Become a Rich Employee, Web Browsers Beat GPA's, Shaquille O'Neal shooting threes, C. . Lewis, Marc Andreessen, Game of Thrones (no spoilers), and a lot more I'm probably forgetting.

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Mr. Anderson Reads and Write s Reading, writing and policy, digging deep for details, from a classroom teacher. Holden was an English who left the classroom and became an education activist-- then she went back to the classroom. Located in Nashville, she's busy in one of the flagship states of reforminess, so there's lots for us to learn from her. Nancy Bailey's Education Website Former special ed teacher with a Ph. . in educational leadership, Bailey tackles national issues with both fists. Smart as hell. NYC Public School Parents Leonie Haimson and Class Size Matters are among the heroes in the defense of public education.

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- Civil rights and immigrants' groups are celebrating a ruling by a federal judge in New York that removes a question from the 2020 Census that would ask people about their citizenship status. Job description: Summary The Senior Director Business Intelligence Analytics plays an integral part in shaping the direction and on-going strategy for the organization. NYPA has transitioned from a “sta JPMorgan CEO Dimon: 'A hard Brexit will be a disaster for Great Britain' Cache Translate Page JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon spoke at the Economic Club of New York on Wednesday. The speech comes two days after the New York-based banking giant (NYSE: JPM) reported disappointing quarterly earnings for the first time in 15 quarters. Among the topics Dimon addressed include the Brexit. He said. Dimon's comments came a day after the British parliament shot down a proposed Brexit deal by Prime Minister Theresa May's government. Now 44 years later he is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of New York City’s home town newspaper. Politico calls Browne the “tortured heart and soul” of the newspaper.

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1. Download and install GNS3 on your system. Be sure to include an image from the,, or series that supports a Network Module slot to allow for both routing and switching Wireshark is a free and open-source packet analyzer. Also, what is the latest release of IOS for cisco. You'll need Smartnet or CCO access to download the IOS images. WTT has apparently provided the software for free or cheap via PM, even though it is only I rightfully own a cisco router (bought this off e-bay) and I know that I can get IOS. CISCO IOS Full List Download test. ru test. ru IPX supports versions Cisco Router.

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The consumer is an trader hunting to acquire earnings on long term. Generally, this is how structured settlement investment decision is effective. They may well not get the total sum, but they instantly have funds at hand. They can now use it for what ever will need they may well have. For the customer, it is a rewarding way to spend their money. In the long operate, financial gain will be received. You will want the guidance from a monetary advisor to safeguard both functions. By trying to find support from these gurus, you get all the info you require before you and the consumer sign the contract for structured settlement investment decision. For individuals who have settlements, this is an choice they can get.

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a bosalmak duz cocuk film escinsel gibi kucuk koymaya baslad? . Atesli escinsel ac? seks partisi alem Colby Londra'daki gonzo skec. Kucuk siyah genc surtuk k? ? dan buyuk yapay penis ekler. Bridget ve Sea J Raw lezbiyen arkadaslard? ama devam ediyorlar.

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That’s when this elf turned from helpful to mischievous. So while the gender is wrong, the rest fits, and the tradition is definitely something Martin would be aware of, with his deep knowledge of Norse myth. All you have to do is flip the gender and we have a miniature elf woman named Nissa who has four fingers and cat eyes and who is a potentially vengeful nature spirit. After that, it’s on to the Ghost of High Heart and then a whole lot of Arya, with the rest of the weirwood goddesses from Venus of the Woods showing us their child of the forest symbolism in the next episode, which will be called “Cat Woman. . She is of course also one of the most clear Nissa Nissa characters, possibly the most symbolically vivid after Daenerys. Mel doesn’t seem much like a child of the forest at first, however. The “flavored with music of the jade sea” line even implies music that is green, like jade, suggestive of earth singers who are greenseers. And do you remember that weird scene in ADWD where Mel successfully calls Ghost away from Jon.

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With only a few exceptions (such as Rahab ), almost every single vampire seen throughout the series has yellow eyes. Is this deliberate? Is it perhaps a side-effect of the Hylden blood curse. A couple of other characters also have unique eyes: Moebius and Turel both have washed-out, desaturated pupils - almost like cataracts - and Mortanius seems to have no pupils at all in Defiance. When Janos is possessed by the Hylden Lord in Defiance, his pupils also seem to disappear or fade. What is the reasoning behind these design elements. Obviously Turel's could relate to his blindness, and Mortanius to his possession, but that still leaves Moebius. Well, Moebius is a man who has to contain them, and it's ruined his vision. lol: Yep, the washed out pupils help show whose 'side' they were on.