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later (since I haven't done one of these in a while). I try to count everyone's list, even if they don't get it edited in a discernable fashion, if I can. Of course, few have the kind of stomach for garbage that I do. Plus, it doesn't cover the arthouse movies, which sucks. Anyway, I'm glad to know the poll is useful to you even if you can't participate.

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She may trust Jon, but she doesn't know if anyone else might have loose lips if she tells Jon and he tells some advisors. Winter is coming (eventually) and a siege would likely be unsuccessful. So Ramsey has more motivation to kill Rickon then to keep him alive. He devised an entire military strategy without knowing mounted knight reinforcements had the potential to arrive. I can't think of any story reasons why it makes sense for her to take secret meetings, write secret letters and plot secret military strategy with the guy who sold her off to be brutalized all behind the back of her brother who is leading the attack.

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