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As per the programme, he was to address the people at Jama Masjid after Juma prayer. There was a large crowd at Deoband station to greet Maulana, so the police refrained from action. However, at the next Rohana station, the deputy superintendent of police presented Maulana a notice, which was in English. The DSP asked for his pen so that 30 Ibid. p. 166.

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I have to imagine LF has something up his sleeve, especially that last scene with Sansa exchanging glances with LF. There are so many ways to interpret that and so many outcomes that are possible. Hints that the 3 eyed raven took it to the wall when he was made lord commander. I think there was a major reason it found its way to Jon instead of Jorah. Targ bastards aren't Blackfyres like northern bastards are Snows, Dornish bastards are Sands, etc. Blackfyre is an actual HOUSE and line that was started by just ONE Targ bastard back in the day.

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I hadn't heard of The Princess and the Queen, so that's going on my reading list. I'll be sure to check the sources on that Wiki site. Can everyone that's already watched the debut of season 8 before it's been filmed please answer already. Mediocre writing, scant attention to detail, rushing through key scenes, etc. Because the Night King just blew a hole in the Wall, and seems to be heading towards Winterfell. I found him really annoying in Season 7, and thought he was a creep for hanging around outside Dany's bedroom.

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Once Arya pushed her hard, Sansa found a way (and she could have done it earlier if she really wanted to). Sansa knows he isn't really on their team from their time (in Vale, selling her to Boltons. . I think the books will have Bran zombiefy more gradually. Also, they needed to have Bran a zombie in order for him not to take over from Sansa in winterfell. I suspect book bran will return to WF far later in the scheme of events.