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Gendry joins the fight and tells Jon Snow exactly who he is when they meet. He tells him he is very handy with a war hammer, and the instant bro-mance between them is entertaining. He sneaks around the castle, has quiet conversations and basically looks like he is up to no good. Arya finds the message that Sansa was forced to write by Cersei after Ned was beheaded. It looks to Arya, (who doesn’t know Sansa was forced to write it) that her sister has betrayed her family.

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Root causes of strike not addressed He said former police commissioner Riah Phiyega reported to then police minister Nathi Mthethwa who, according to Mathunjwa, also took direction from someone higher up. The union boss did not name who this was but said this was the reason why Amcu and their legal representatives felt that international organisations should have been involved in the matter as the state was implicated. He compared the Marikana massacre to the Sharpeville massacre. He also said although it was long overdue, the union welcomed the news that government planned to compensate the victims of the 2012 tragedy. Latvia pulled out of the Feb.


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And it would be nearly impossible to show that Jon is within Ghost for five episodes. It certainly would not make compelling television to just follow around a wolf. This is not a wildlife documentary with voice over. There are only ten episodes within a season they really dont have extra screen time to waste. On top of that a warg cannot stay within his animal for to long, the warg will just fade within their animal.


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It’s emblematic of the writing’s tendency to ignore previous details. I and others have already told you about Sam and Gilly and hit it on the nose. Your only statement was to differentiate between the Citadel and Oldtown, which, as I already pointed out, was not what I was talking about. The Hot Pie, Nymeria, and Sansa reunions were more than I could’ve hoped for. (Just waiting for her reunions with the Hound, hopefully this season; and with Jon, which they’re probably saving for S8).


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However, actual money has changed hands for the movie rights to Tetris, which is flat-out ridiculous. Only in real politics, when a bunch of obnoxious jerks band together to force their will on a different bunch of obnoxious jerks that are slightly fewer in number, it has an actual impact on our lives. I’m switching day-jobs, and have been busy wrapping things up on my old one. Blogging will most likely continue to be light until I get up to speed on the new job. I personally am not a fan of everything in the movie other than Robin Williams riffing.