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0 Yosemite, 10. Mavericks, 10. Mountain Lion and lower versions. Everybody knows that if you want to enjoy Blu-rays on Mac, you need hook up an external Blu-ray drive to Mac computer and then find a Blu-ray media player designed for Mac OS X. If you have a good OS X ISO, all you have to do is burn the ISO to the DVD and you'll be good to go. Just like burning. thanks, wanted to make sure before i messed something up. does 7. gb sound right for 10. mac os x?

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percent said they almost never. Admittedly, compared to 41 percent saying they trusted local government nearly always, the 19. percent who said they trusted state government nearly always was a big drop. But still, a big landslide margin of folks said they trust state government at least some of the time. The federal government fared much worse, and yet even it was trusted by most Michiganders at least sometimes. A total of 54. percent said they could trust the federal government all or some of the time. Of that 15. percent said they could trust almost all the time, not a huge difference from the number that felt that way for state government. And 38.

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So I have no idea why you guys are bringing up preseason predictions, it makes no sense to any argument. The show needs one, the Harpy and the Sparrows are now gone. I don’t know if he can get such a huge fleet build in time to meet Dany in the Narrow Sea. Does he have enough men to man those ships is another question. Daario didn’t like being dumped like that and Euron can be convincing. I also think Euron will have learned some special tricks or some certain knowledge about dragons (during his worldly travels before coming back to claim King of Ironborn) and will be able to counter their power somehow or even kill them. Not sure if Cersei will be around long enough for them to show up and be an alliance with her but we’ll see how that plays out. Can’t she just fuck a guy that she actually likes for once. Lol, maybe something a little more eloquent but I’m not sure his actual name matters, he’s a Targaryen that’s all that really matters. Although he can be burned; he burnt his hand in season one when he grabbed that lantern before he tossed it on that wight, so there’s that.

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UPDATED: That didn't take long: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is slamming Discovery's Eaten Alive. A sexy, sexy Michael Fassbender GIF for your viewing pleasure. Can You Make It Through This Post Without Drooling. Let's talk about why we find the Brits so crushable. Celebrities Talk About Shooting Sex Scenes In Movies And TV Your favorite celebrities dishing on what it was like to film their famous sex scenes. May you keep torturing us all with your beautiful, beautiful soul. And Michael Fassbender toying with his keys in his mouth. Amanda Bynes Allegedly Attacks Fan In Nightclub By Scratching Get The Sad Deets HERE. Charlie Bucket explores the wonders of Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate factory. 'Better Book Titles' For Kids' Books, by Dan Wilbur from Better Book Titles: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory “for people who still would like to be part of literary conversations without expending all that energy that goes into sitting down and reading a book” Comedian Dan Wilbur has taken some our favorite childhood books and improved the titles to more accurately describe their real underlying message.

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When you lot post your progress reports on social media, or fill us in with your daily word counts, I see happiness. I see pride. I see a person who’s maybe been down on their luck, with rejection after rejection, but who is finding their confidence again. For some, social media is a diary; that people choose to share their innermosts with me is quite a thing. And who knows? You might be spurred on by another writer’s work in progress. You might see someone else’s word count and up your own game. Seeing my writer friends be bitten, struck, muse-smooched, makes my insides all squishy. By interwebular osmosis, we soak each other up and spit each other out across the page. Either way, animals and beverages are part of our DNA.

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adjigo, Samba, Ralph H. Faulkingham, Th omas Cassirer, and Reinhard Sander, eds. Samba Flix Ndiaye: Cinaste documentariste africain. Landy, Marcia. Folklore, Memory and Post-coloniality in Ousmane Sembenes Films. In Cinematic Uses of the Past, pp. 3066. Minne-apolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1996. In African Cinema: Post- Colonial and Feminist Readings, ed. Kenneth W.

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Maybe you are a salesman of industrial food packaging equipment. You don't necessarily know the exact cost of each unit or where each of it's components originated -- but those with a need to know do have that information. The provision of knowledge or information on a need-to-know basis is an essential function of a military model. The privates in the field of battle are not privy to the details the generals operate by. Evidence proves that some NASA employees, at least at upper levels (including astro-nots) are Freemason members. This evidence includes embedded symbolism in artwork, and hand symbolism seen in photographs, both historical and current. The significance of freemasonry is too much to include fully in the scope of this article, but it is a secret organization that makes use of death-threat pacts to keep its secrets from being exposed. It isn't a reach to think that an astro-not or other high-level employee would be required to agree to an oath of silence in order to participate in the sharing of certain knowledge or participation in certain mission tasks. This is common even in non-masonic organizations, including military organizations, under which organizational structure NASA was founded. There you will find admission in his own words, written and spoken, that the images of earth from space have been created in Photoshop.

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The post Here’s Everything We Know About Monsters at Work, the Monsters. Disney's 'Dumbo' leaked online on streaming video by a number of free piracy sites, according to piracy watchdog. Captivating, emotional, and uplifting, movies that are based on true. Why is Omaha the go-to place to hospitalize everyone exposed to the deadly Ebola virus these days? The Ebola virus is back in town, and Omahans are welcoming it with open armsBy. Neoliberal Democrats have run the State of California so into the ground that many in the state now want to split it up. Cal 3, A. . . 'BreaksIt,' on the November ballot directs our legislature to.

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